And they listened attentively

Sometimes I find it very difficult to spend time with God. There are so many things on my plate; included but not limited to, college studies, a job, volunteer work, internship applications, a long distance relationship, and family that I need to keep up with. I barely find time to eat and unfortunately God is at the bottom of my “to do” list.

It strikes me, not so much as funny, but disheartening that this concept is normal. At one point in time, a very long time ago, God was of greater importance than any education, money, or social status. Down the road I feel I’ve lost focus.


What one generation tolerates, the next normalizes, and the next celebrates.

Not only do I feel so bombarded with schedules and assignments on a daily basis but I celebrate the fact that I’m “busy.” When I lay my head down at night I count the things I accomplished… as long I keep my feet moving, I’m happy. Rarely do I remember spending quality time with the big man and that SHOULD bother me.

My day should start and end with quiet time, prayer, and scripture reading. Lets take a look at reality shall we? 8:00am wake up… actually more like hit the snooze button. 8:30am; rush to get dressed, eat something quick, pack my bag, and call my boyfriend if there is time. 2:00pm; walk back home, throw my bag under the desk and … check facebook, check email, call my boyfriend, and start some homework. 5:30pm; Usually time for dinner, I grab a friend and get a quick bite… I dont think I prayed for the meal. 8:30pm; I need a break from studying so I go for a run. This would be a great time to read my bible, ya I didnt think about that. 10pm; talk talk to my boyfriend, which is the highlight of my day, get ready for bed, in bed by midnight the latest (usually). By now I realize maybe I should read a little bit of scripture before bed but I usually go with the excuse of “I’m to tired.” Quick prayer before bed, fall asleep, rise and repeat.

So in a 24 hour day I talked to God ONCE. Its shameful. I can only imagine how frustrated God must be with me… being a jealous God in all.

This is how it should be:

“He read it aloud from daybreak till noon as he faced the square before the water Gate in the presence of the men, women, and others who could understand. And all the people listened attentively to the Book of the Law.” Nehemiah 8:3.

They listened attentively all day. I can hardly give God 10 minutes and they listened all 12 hours. This is how God intended it to be, he wants us to be so obsessed with his law and loving him, that we are willing to put everything else on hold! If we get so caught up in being with him and loving him there is no way we will fail! My soul is worth so much more than an education, a job, or social status. So what if I’m “wasting” precious studying time right now as I reflect on Gods word?

I want to be a successful journalist with all my heart, but I’m willing to sacrifice all of that to have a heart after Gods own heart. Time spent letting Him mold and transform me is way more important than refining my skills. I don’t think God is going to need a field Journalist in heaven anyway.

I’m not saying I’m planning on throwing away my education. Its important to study hard and get good grades. God says we are to work, and work hard… but he also wants us to WANT his help. He tells us that if we put him first we will reap great rewards. Godly rewards. The eternal kind.

I think its time for a change of focus. I think I need to start putting God at the top, middle, and end of my “to do” list. Through him all things are possible, but without him the temporary becomes our reality. I’m going to let God be God… I’m going to let him accomplish the impossible.

“Then they bowed down and worshiped the Lord with their faces to the ground.” Nehemiah 8:6


  1. This is amazing, you are such a gifted writer! I think that people have become too used to living full lives that they miss out on the beauty and power of God. love the part “what one generation tolerates, the next normalizes, and the next celebrates” sooo true!

    1. That part I herd the pastor talk about in church, so I got the idea from him. Glad you liked it 🙂

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