Potty Training and Senioritis

Exciting news, my boyfriend adopted a puppy! Friday afternoon we had an unusual date; we went to the dog shelter. Why? Because I thought it would be fun to play with the pups!


Jon found this Great Dane, Black lab pup and long story short, he fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable, and I was really excited because I love dogs…however… its only day four and I’m at wits end.

I grew up with dogs and I’m a dog lover by definition, but growing up with animals and raising animals is completely different. Jon has a full time job, I’m a full-time student. Naturally that means I get to be single dog-mom. Sure no big deal, I thought! He’s cute, Ill take him on walks and feed him and he can come hang out in my room, piece of cake!

This is where the senioritis comes in.

Senioritis; a rare disease only suffered by students struggling through their last year of education. I have it bad. So while I should be studying and studying and maybe a little more studying, Im playing with Jackson… our new four-month-old pup. I know it doesn’t sound bad, and it wasn’t at first. The problem is that I used to just procrastinate, now I have a real, living, breathing excuse. This little guy needs me!

“… I have a real, living, breathing excuse. This little guy needs me!”

My dog ate my homework professor. Okay not really, but kind of. I realized I was suffering from senioritis so I decided I should snap out of it. Unfortunately, the Jackson monster won’t let me. Every time I pull out a book, he runs off with it. I turn on my computer, he poops on the floor. Jackson sees me opening my backpack I see Jackson chewing on my heels. As I write this, he is chewing on my power cord.

It’s hard to get mad at him, he just does it because he wants my attention. So I found a loop hole. If I study on the floor and let him sit in my lap I can get away with reading my textbooks behind his back… that was until he realized I was turning the pages, he didn’t like that very much.

As soon as I put the books away he’s an angel.

Anyway the last couple days has consisted of class, Jackson, class, Jackson, class, Jackson. Every time I have a break in my schedule I go let him out of his crate and walk him. Most of the time I feel bad putting him back in the crate so I just bring him home with me. Then I really get nothing done.

Its going to be a rough couple of weeks. We are on the back side of the semester and its almost crunch time. Hopefully Jackson won’t keep me from graduating, and I won’t turn him into puppy chow. No I’m just joking…

Stay tuned for Jackson updates!


  1. Your pup is so cute! Great Danes are awesome!

  2. Like your blog and this post. Cute dog

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