Pressure Keeps it all together

You know you cant grow with out pressure. Pressure causes you to move, to re adjust, to change your present situation. When your big brother sits in your lap and your legs begin to go numb, you squirm under the force of his weight. When those who are claustrophobic are stuck in a crowd, they begin to feel the pressure of panic build up around them and they fight to find a safe way out. The bottom line is, we all know what its like to be in a high pressure situation and unless we are tied down, never do we just sit there and let the pressure grow. We do something about it. Mental pressure, or what I like to call stress is the same way. When we begin to feel that psychological panic set in, we go into machine mode. We stay up late, we don’t eat, we drink coffee… anything that will help us through the strenuous situation is impulsively bought, harnessed, or consumed. Because stress is an uncomfortable mental pressure it instinctively becomes the bad guy. Pressure is the reason for our over indulgences, our dysfunctional social lives, and our overwhelming addictions.

I think pressure is awesome.

Yes its uncomfortable, I’m not about to argue that point. The uneasiness is the reason I am such a fan. As I already noted, what do we do when we are hard pressed either physically or mentally? We move… change positions, we adapt. The same happens when we are faced with pressures such as deadlines, family issues, and so on and so forth. In order to change that which isn’t working, or to finish something that is crucial to us or those we are surround by, we need said pressure. Think of it as a little annoying accountability partner who says, “hey man, you finish that yet?” or “You know you would be more comfortable if you dropped those last few pounds.”
If not for those annoying thoughts produced by pressure than nothing would ever be accomplished, nothing would ever change. Our lives would stay stagnant, uneventful, and boring.

Never will we grow with out pressure that leads us in a new direction…

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